WJF Call for Application: Empowering Egyptian Initiatives on Diaspora


The targeting of actors in the public sphere in Egypt is prompting many activists to move outside the country, where tens of thousands of Egyptians have found themselves in voluntary or forced exile, and the large numbers who have fled the country since 2011 in cross waves have included diverse groups of intellectuals, writers, artists, scholars, and academics. human rights defenders, political activists, civil society workers and others.

Among those immigrants or exiles are many who are highly qualified in their respective fields, and who have built extensive networks with universities, research centers, NGOs, and international media in their countries of origin.

Activating this enormous potential can contribute in several ways to alleviating the harmful effects of the confiscation of the Egyptian public sphere, which affected education and scientific research. civil society; the media and others; If the efforts of the current Egyptian diaspora members are coordinated, this may reduce the negative effects of the brain drain in recent years.

Utilizing these cadres and their associated networks in attempting to reopen the public sphere through various initiatives may provide an approach towards promoting democracy and civil peace in Egypt, and the experiences of other diaspora communities have revealed different roles that diaspora played in democratization processes or in advancing development efforts. By supporting these experiences, it is possible to reach a coordination of the roles of Egyptians in the diaspora in reopening the besieged public sphere in Egypt.

The Women for Justice Foundation intends to provide support for two initiatives from the Egyptian diaspora that aim to expand public space and promote democratic reforms. This support includes contributing to establishment expenses, providing technical support for initiatives projects, funding awareness campaigns and media initiatives, or partnering with international accountability mechanisms to promote change. democracy in Egypt.

 This support aims to encourage creative ideas from diaspora activists’ initiatives, push for greater transnational coordination, and build momentum towards democratic reforms.

The Women for Justice Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Toronto, Canada, which aims to enhance the participation of women in the public sphere through the implementation of activities and programs that support community development and advocacy for issues of democracy, social justice, conflict resolution, and the promotion of peace through dialogue, communication, and research activities. (For more information about the Foundation, you can visit its website: www.women4justice.org

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be:
    • A registered as a non-profit entity,
    • Or an active non formal with a non-profit aim.
  • Your work must address one or more from the following areas:
    • Expand public space and promote democratic reforms,
    • Promote women rights or/and women activism.
    • Working with international accountability mechanisms to promote change toward democracy in Egypt.
    • Increasing collaboration and engagement between diaspora organizations.
  • Your organization/initiative must have a strong reputation within your community, with peers who can attest to your work.
  • You must employ an inclusive approach, accept diversity and has no political affiliation.
  • You must work to close and prevent current and future gaps in between the Egyptian diaspora and the Egyptian public sphere, promote women’s rights and women’s activism or promote human rights and community building.
  • You must zero fund initiative or have an annual turnover no higher than $5,000.
  • You must have a level of administrative ability to share project updates and meet reporting requirements.
  • You must fit the definition of the “Diaspora initiative” specified above.
  • Currently, we are unable to fund rights-based organizations/non-formal initiatives which focus exclusively on migrant rights or the work environment in the host communities.

Eligible organizations can apply for a grant in the range of $500 to $2,500 for either core costs or project support. Applications must be submitted via this form (Arabic – English), clearly laying out the proposed activities’ scope, intent and what would be achieved with the funding (written in either Arabic or English).

A member of the committee is available to answer questions where more guidance is needed.

Selection process

At the first stage of the application, we will request a project budget. If your proposal is selected, you will need to provide the following documents:

  1. Organizational budget, if applicable.
  2. Biographies of members of the board and key staff or the founders of the initiatives.
  3. Two-to-three contact details of references from peer organizations. References will be requested at an advanced stage of the selection process.
  4. A copy of the latest accounts or financial statements, If applicable.

*The application window will close at 23:59 Toronto/Canada Time on the day, 31.07.2022. Applicants will be notified by 16.08.2022. We apologize in advance for not being able to offer feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

Send your application by filling out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdka92uWv8DP5lsMepslvrdeOI9t9_vfHEiMTIjY55eXG_yIw/viewform


If you have questions please send us an email: dif@women4justice.org

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