Professional Egyptian Diaspora Platform

By WJF team

With the aim of Launching a credible dialogue platform that begins outside Egypt among interested/influential members of the professional Egyptian diaspora to ultimately have an impact on the Democratization efforts in Egypt, Women for Justice, with the Support of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), started in last March to plan for several online networking events, i.e. thematic online meetings to discuss current issues among interested members of the Professional Egyptian Diaspora. 

To establish the baseline, however, the project starts with ‘an assessment study of Egyptian Diasporas’. Results of the assessment, which includes interviews with a controlled sample of around 20 Egyptian professional Diaspora members, will inform the dialogue platform development. The research team of the Project concluded the literature review part of the assessment that covered different theories in diaspora studies and explored different roles played by diasporas in multiple contexts. Mapping of the potential interviewees also concluded and contacting them started. 

The project adopts the collective impact approach promulgated by Kania J. & Krame M. . we work towards establishing the dialogue platform by bringing about broad cross-sector coordination among members of professional Diaspora through regular networking events that draws on different themes.

Since last March, the WJF team has consulted with more than 20 stakeholders from diverse regions, backgrounds, fields of experience and levels of engagement with homeland developments. The result was the first ‘networking event’, a webinar on Egypt’s approach towards covid-19 pandemic, took place mid-May and hosted 10 scholars, journalists, civil society activists to discuss Egypt’s approach towards the Covid-19 pandemic.

Over the course of June 2020, the second networking event is planned to occur. It will be a webinar on “COVID 19 Pandemic and Future of Egyptian Media”, contacting participants is almost over and the time and date of the event are also finalized. This webinar is planned to host around 10 Media specialists to discuss the Media Scene in Egypt in light of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Women for Justice will continue to host monthly webinars among interested members of the professional Egyptian Diaspora with the aim of building bridges of trust amongst them, as a way station for launching the intended dialogue platform in the right time.

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